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Hello there, welcome to rugandcurtain.com! I'm really glad you chose to look at this site, especially with zillions of rugs and curtains sites out there. I'm no 'rug doctor' nor do I have the deeply researched knowledge of where exactly you can find the best western longhorn rug, but what I AM is I'm terribly passionate about is interior decoration that's warm and welcoming. And I do believe that floor rugs and window curtains or draperies play a major, yet underrated, role in that.

One thing I intend to achieve on rugandcurtain.com is obtain and share with you opinions on how exactly rugs and curtains play a part in interior decor -- whether it be home or office. At this moment, I am not very sure if I'd want to go deeper and analyze the various types of rugs -- Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Southwestern rugs, Navajo rugs, American Native Indian rugs, etc. What I'd love to do is do some 'real' research and add to it some of my instinctive thoughts about how well a certain rug would suit a certain room, and present them to my precious readers. Hopefully, some of you will comment on my opinions and pass along some of your expertise as well! (For which I shall be extremely grateful.)

And before I forget to add, my name is Ravi Kalmady. I'm a mechanical engineer by education, but lately I've gotten myself into web development and market research. But a person does not live by bread alone... they need some rugs, too. So my decision to pursue one of my life-long interests -- interior design and decoration.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you'll come back to see what's on new here and/or just say Hi. You may please use the contact form you see in the right sidebar.

Have a great decorative day!